Why software development is so special for me?

When I was a kid, first computer that was bought by my family was an IBM PC with 33 MHz CPU and 16 MB of RAM. My father knew nothing about using it and it was interesting and fun that together we learned through the included books how to use it.

Very soon I started experimenting with HEX editors in order to modify programs and see what my changes were doing to those programs, although I didn’t have a clue what all those 1 and 0 meant.

First ever programming language I’ve learned was VB6 when I was 15 years old. Using my knowledge of VB6 I’ve built my first application which was used to distribute documents in a school.

I knew that software development was my thing. So I got my BSc in Computer Science and Technology, and later on due to the fast progress and impact that web applications had I got my MSc in Advanced Web Engineering.

Being involved into software development since when I was 15 years old, made me a developer which pays attention to detail and feels responsible about every aspect of a project. The passion that I have for my job makes me always wanting to work hard and don’t stop until I have reached my goals.

I am always keen on exploring new programming languages and frameworks so as to evaluate and learn from them. The same thing applies for learning from the work of others and from possible evolvement in technologies. It is my personal belief that this helps in becoming a better developer and gives me the ability to provide the best possible results.

I consider myself to be a team player who is not afraid to ask for help if needed and speak his mind or provide help if it feels needed. I am always open into new ideas and into making questions which can trigger solutions for the problem at hand.

Not being familiar with a certain technology, is not something that scares me since I am excited to investigate and learn about it. My experience gave me the ability to be a pretty fast learner. Getting feedback, both positive and negative, regarding my work is something that I warmly embrace since in any case it gives me motive to improve.

For me software development is not just a job. Despite the fact that I also have other interests, I often like to work on small projects so as to relax and to be creative.